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Dr. Newhart’s license to practice dentistry was REVOKED by the Dental Board, effective July 6, 2014. Full details are here.

Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily permanent. Per the Dental Board,

The term “revoked” means that the licensee’s right to practice has been completely taken away. Revocation is not necessarily permanent, however. A person whose license is revoked has the right, one year or more after the revocation, to apply for reinstatement. Some applications are successful. The applicant for reinstatement must, however, demonstrate to the DENTAL BOARD OF CALIFORNIA that the applicant is rehabilitated and is fit to resume practice.”

Why Should I Complain to the Dental Board?

You can help prevent someone else from becoming a victim. It’s important for everyone who has been victimized to file a complaint, because:

  1. The Dental Board investigator has the lead not only for dental malpractice issues, but also for fraud complaints that have been filed with the Orange County District Attorney.
  2. The Dental Board investigator is extremely busy; cases with more complaints get more priority.
  3. You can help yourself. If fraud is proven, you may be eligible for restitution.

As of March 21, 2013, at least 13 complaints had been received by the Dental Board. The District Attorney’s office was aware of them and following the case.

How Do I File a Complaint?

The Dental Board has a standard complaint form. They provide complete instructions, FAQs, and follow up information on their web page. Sometimes, it’s easier if you have an example to work from.

  • Example: An actual complaint filed against Dr. Newhart
  • Example: Supporting documentation for a complaint

How Can I Find Out If Action Has Been Taken?

The Dental Board’s License Verification page shows Dr. Newhart’s dental license has been revoked. The Dental Board publishes a hot sheet every month of administrative actions taken.

How Can I Check on Dr. Newhart’s License?

Dr. Newhart’s Dental License is revoked, effective July 6, 2014. This action was taken by the Dental Board in response to the same prescription forgeries and abuses that ultimately led to his felony conviction later that month.

You can check on the status of Dr. Newhart’s dental license, as well as his official address, by doing a search on the License Verification Page.

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  1. Newhart took $4500 from me after I moved away to Northern CA and he told he would continue my treatment (braces and trays) from “afar”. It’s a very long, traumatic story, that lasted two years. I have filed official complaints with the Dental Board and the O.C District Attorney. I was advised to file complaints with both and was told I would be notified when the investigation was completed. Not sure how to file a small claims case from so far away (working on it), but I am hoping the Dental board and O.C. District Attorney can help. Not much hope for getting my money back but he AT LEAST should never be allowed to practice again. I appreciate your website. Very helpful. And as I am sure Newhart (or his lawyer) is reading these posts….check’s in the mail? right Newhart?

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