You might find it hard to believe that the dentist to whom you entrusted your kids has a criminal record, and not just for traffic violations. We certainly did.

Damian Newhart Arrested for Bank Robbery

Suspected as the so-called “Rolled Sleeve Bandit”, Damian Newhart was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery on Thursday, January 29, 2015. Full details can be found in this Orange County Register article. The Daily Pilot also had coverage of the story.

Dr. Newhart Sentenced for Felony Conviction

On July 18, 2014, a sentencing hearing was held for Dr. Damien Newhart. In exchange for his guilty plea to one count of Forging or Altering Prescriptions, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 5 years probation.

Dr. Newhart Pleads Guilt to Felony – Sentencing July 18

On March 24, 2014, Dr. Newhart was arraigned on 45 counts of felony forging or altering prescriptions, and pled guilty to one of them. The Orange County Superior Court case number is 13CF3828. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 18, 2014. At that same time, a hearing on revocation or reset of his probation from his prior Grand Theft conviction will also be held.

Grand Theft Conviction

On January 24, 2012, Dr. Newhart was convicted of Grand Theft and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service, and a contribution to the Victim Witness Emergency Fund.

On July 17, 2012 he was arraigned for violation of that probation, and on March 20, 2013, his sentence was modified to add 10 days jail time. This probably wasn’t actual time in the slammer. It was more likely some form of house arrest.

You can research this information yourself online. The criminal case number is 10SF1077.

Ongoing Investigation

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s office on March 21, 2013, an investigator from the Dental Board of California is following up on at least 13 individual complaint filings. Should he determine that there has been criminal wrongdoing, he will refer cases to the District Attorney’s office. Thus, it is very important to file complaints with the Dental Board. More on how to do that here.

What You Can Do

If you have reason to believe that Dr. Newhart has committed a crime (e.g. fraud by misrepresenting your appliance as being Invisalign when it wasn’t) or has otherwise violated his probation, you can report the probation violation to the Probation Violator Hotline at (888) 296-3389. You should also file a report with the Dental Board of California.

Also, if you believe that a crime has been committed, you can file a report with the Orange County Sheriff by calling (949) 770-6011. They will dispatch an officer to take your statement and file a report.




  1. We were defrauded of approx. $7k when Dr. Newhart told us he would give us a substantial discount on our three sons’ orthodontia if we paid cash up front. Like others, I can’t believe I was so foolish as to not use a credit card. Add in the dental insurance orthodontia max that was paid out and Aetna refuses to reverse, we are out in the neighborhood of 10k. We have a great orthodontist now, but Dr. Newhart really messed up on two of our sons and they had to basically start from scratch. Two more years to reverse the damage he did to their teeth.

  2. My story is much like everyone else…… Two kids… almost 5 grand into it and just left hanging…. who wakes up in the morning and says…. Let’s go screw with 100s of people and take their money, and give them poor work so that the new Legit Ortho stepping in has a lot of work to undo and then redo in these kids mouths. Newhart I guess… He is the type…. I am so very happy I found this website just now….. I filed complaints with every dental board I could the days following the closing of the Laguna Niguel office. My uncle is a dentist…. and assisted me with places to direct my complaints…. I also hit up my insurance company…. This was their preferred provider…. I felt they should be my advocate in all this…. I thought my money paid through insurance should d be renewed. My insurance did allow my 1500 they paid to be applied once again directly to the new Orthodontist. I asked about recovering the rest of my losses… I was told nothing more could be done….I then just tried to move on …… Last week I received a call from the dental board almost a year after my complaints… I was floored…. So happy to receive the call and know that this is going to be addressed and accountability will be held. I was told there was little chance in recovering my money….. That’s not what I wanted to hear…… but more importantly I want to be sure this is stopped… that dude should not be working on anyone. Today with the support of this amazing web site I will begin the process for small claims…. I hope for the best for all who have been affected in this selfish, absurd, mean situation Newhart caused

  3. I also am out over $3K. Please read this if you are planning on filing a case against him. I spent lots of time and lost even more money with all of the filing fees, gas, etc. for the case. I took Newhart to small claims and of course he was a no show. I won the case. Now, on to trying to file for wage garnishment since we all know he works for his parents in their Inglewood office. I first had to file a paper saying I was going to request garnishment (standing in line and driving to Newport on 2 different days) Just to fine out the paperwork was wrong. They really make you jump through hoops, it’s crazy. Once I paid those fees then actually got the wage garnishment I had to file it with L.A. sheriffs dept. (more fees) for them to go out and serve the paperwork at the Inglewood office. They lost part of the paperwork so again I had to do this part twice. When the sheriff went to Newharts office his mother Lynn Newhart said (and signed) that he doesn’t work there (perjury) I saw him there and this is actually where we served him his original papers. Nothing else I can do at this point. The court referred me to an attorney referral service which of course wants to charge me more money for this possibly to only be told there is nothing they can do. So, this is money and time I will never get back and suggest you try to move on without putting all the work into it like I did. If Had I known how this was going to pan out I would have just try to put it behind me a long time ago. I also filed with the dental board and they did contact me but explained this is something that can take years. I would suggest just filing with the dental board and find a little peace in knowing that he’ll eventually get whats coming to him.

    • Hello Donna,

      Do you suggest us victims filing the dental board as a group? I also would like to file Invisalign because I found Dr. Newhart on their website. I strongly believe they should be held accountable, too.


  4. Pana,

    I completely agree with you that Invisalign should also be responsible. I would not have chosen Newhart if he had not been advertised as an Elite provider. Also, my “Invisalign” devices were fake; you might want to find out if yours were, as well.

  5. You guys are getting the father and the son mixed up. The father isn’t the dentist with all these legal problems it’s the son. And that isn’t his child, it’s his step son who just took over his last name. I know about 10 people who had their braces done by the real Dr. Newhart and everything came out just fine. Know the facts before you speak on someone.

    • UHMMMM, they have the same name, regardless Dr. NEWHART is a criminal. Facts are straight! He’s a bank robber now too!! Yay. The father needs to publicly clear himself from his son’s horrific criminal activity. Its only going to hurt his business not speaking up.

    • Who are these 10 people?? Is this Chris Newhart, the person who works for Scott Newhart, you only handle money. The fact is you have NO clue whats going on in the orthodontic practice you only assume. Scott must have put you up to this he cannot speak for himself. I myself KNOW the facts.. Trust me. Just wait until the employee(s) start speaking about Scott Newhart, then jeff will create a webpage on him.

  6. Below is a copy of my yelp review that is no longer available on the yelp site.I was one of the lucky ones and was able to get back all of the money from my AMEX credit card. When I submitted documentation of the fraud, AMEX gave me the credit of $6500.

    But this all went down while my husband was fighting stage four cancer (he died in July 2013) . I was already struggling to keep the family with four kids functioning by myself, taking care of my husband’s medical needs, and now facing having to pay twice for orthodontic treatment. Seeing Dr. Newhart arrested gives me no pleasure. I feel sad for him and mostly his kids and wife, but I feel even worse about all the victims of his fraud. I hope everyone gets justice and he will pay for what he did!

    1.0 star rating 2/6/2013
    After paying Dr Newhart 6500 dollars in advance for my two teenagers, and receiving substandard care for a year, Dr, Newhart closed his office. When I met with the new orthodontist he referred his patients to, I was quoted 2700 dollars for ONE child to complete treatment on top of what I already paid to Newhart Orthodontics. Yes, he gives you a referral but you still have to pay the new orthodontist!!!!

    The last few months in treatment have been a waste- Dr. Newhart was never present and his assistant did all the adjustments. We haven’t seen new Invisalign trays in months. They would just mold them in the office like retainers. We were ripped off.

    My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 12 months ago, and I am in survival mode and financially already strained. What he did stringing his patients along, and collecting and disappearing with our money is horrendous and criminal. He seemed like a trustworthy, ethical man and I am stunned as to how he could be so callous.

    Considering the amount of patients he owes money to, I would be surprised to see a penny. I urge everyone to contact the Dental Board immediately and file a complaint so they can take action against him. If enough patients complain they will investigate.…

    A question at Dr. Newhart — How do you intend to reimburse us for services not received? Our phone calls are not answered, and we can’t even get our records from your now shuttered office.

    • Sandra,

      What a nicely written post about what almost certainly had to be a very painful time in your life. I’m truly sorry for your loss, and that you had to deal with Dr. Newhart at the same time. Thank you very much for sharing your story.


  7. My son was in the last quarter of his treatment when we showed up for an appt and found locked doors. Fortunately, I paid monthly with Amex and was able to get about $1K back, which covered most of the new ortho’s costs. However, ~2 years later, my son now is dealing with the aftereffects of his malpractice. He is suffering from a bunch of dental problems (and pain) that are directly attributable to his work – and are not reversible. Is it possible to sue for malpractice? I wonder if the arbitration agreement we all probably signed isn’t enforceable since he is a fraud…???

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