Small Claims

Many people feel that they have been victimized by Dr. Newhart’s business practices, in particular his failure to refund monies paid in advance for orthodontic services when he chose to close his practice in Laguna Niguel. If you feel that you have a legitimate case to pursue, there’s another page with information on how to file in small claims with examples drawn from a case against Dr. Newhart.

Small Claims Cases as of June 18, 2013
Plaintiff Case Number Hearing Date Status
Martinez 30-2013-00640289-SC-SC-HLH June 18, 2013 Judgment for Plaintiff~By default~Dr. Newhart did not appear
Werkmeister 30-2013-00635111-SC-SC-HLH June 5, 2013 Judgment for Plaintiff~By default~Dr. Newhart did not appear
Palmer 30-2013-00635517-SC-SC-HLH May 21, 2013 Case Dismissed – Lack of Prosecution
Kleiman 30-2013-00624845-SC-SC-HLH April 26, 2013 Judgment for Plaintiff~By default~Dr. Newhart did not appear
Davis 30-2013-00637735-SC-SC-HLH April 23, 2013 Dismissed at Plaintiff's Request
Souza 30-2012-00604988-SC-SC-HLH January 30, 2013 Judgment for Defendant

Note: the above links may not work the very first time you click them, and instead take you to a page asking you to agree to some terms. If you agree, then return and click again, the links will take you directly to the case.

Civil Cases

There are 10 civil cases against Dr. Newhart, of which 6 are for collections, 3 for breach of contract, and one for unlawful detainer-residential (eviction). One of these was only filed recently and has yet to be heard (Ford Motor Credit). All of the others have judgments against Dr. Newhart, in many cases by default because he simply didn’t bother to show up!



    • Hi Denise,

      I hate to say so, but it seems very unlikely there would be a class action suit. The economics just wouldn’t support it. With Dr. Newhart having no source of income (he’s in jail), the likelihood of recovering any significant amount of money is small, so it wouldn’t be good business for a law firm to front the money for a lawsuit – they’d never get a return on their investment. What’s worse, there are already a bunch of creditors first in line for his money if he ever does come into some.

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