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  1. Hi There:

    This is a great site. Thanks for putting it together. I have just begun to look into getting D. Newhart to recompensate me for my half done ortho work that was dropped by him and his family in LA in 07. I had not looked into this until just this week when I decided that the state Damian left my teeth in is unsatisfactory and should be addressed by me with a new ortho. An important question I have is this – have any of the plaintiffs who were awarded a judgement in small claims court be paid by the Newhart’s yet? On a side note: Here in LA Damian practiced ortho with the full help and support of his mother and father, right in his father’s medical offices (as you are probably aware.) I called their office today for my records before reading all of this crazy news about Damian. I was told by another orhto to consider bringing him to the board or a lawyer as an abandonment case (ie abandoned by the practitioner during treatment.)

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