Dr. Newhart’s New Corporation

Update January 4, 2014: On November 28,2013, the Franchise Tax Board suspended the old Damian L Newhart, D.D.S., Inc corporation. The new Damian Newhart, D.D.S., Inc (note the missing middle initial) is still in good standing.

On April 11, 2013, Dr. Newhart registered a new corporation with the Secretary of State under the name of Damian Newhart, DDS Inc. This is just a very slight deviation from the corporation he did business under in Laguna Niguel, which was Damian L. Newhart, D.D.S., Inc.

The new corporation has as its legal address 1024 Bayside Dr., #113, Newport Beach, CA, which is the same address that has been used by some plaintiffs for service of process. However, the agent for service for the new corporation is something called Legalzoom.com, Inc. in Glendale.

The old corporation is still registered and still has the defunct Laguna Niguel office address as its legal address.

I’d recommend caution, and consultation with an attorney, before attempting to serve Dr. Newhart at the new corporation’s agent for service. Since it’s legally a distinct entity, suits filed against it for bad deeds done by the other may not be considered valid. Again, please check with legal counsel before either taking or not taking action based on this.


  1. Hi Jeff,

    I’m so happy for you and your family that you were reimbursed by your cc company! I only wish we would have also paid by credit card.

    After reading some of your posts and by the way, (thank you again for creating this website), I have a question about where to serve Dr. Newhart. Is it the Bayside address or do I have to go to the Inglewood office to serve him?

    This situation has put a very big financial strain on our family and for a teenage boy going into his senior year of high school who was told by Dr. Newhart that he would have his braces off before his senior year of high school, has not been happy. He has another year and 1/2 in braces. We also paid in full and our insurance paid Dr. Newhart in full. We were lied to so many times, when I asked if Dr. Newhart was coming back. They kept cancelling our appointments and I asked if he was returning and Samantha always said yes, he will be back. First they said November and then they said for sure in January.

    Thank you for all your help and postings,

    • Hi Cindy,

      Either one would be acceptable. The Bayside address would be less effort and just as acceptable to the court. In fact, it’s preferable since it’s in Orange County and the Inglewood office is in LA County – which means that you would have to give Dr. Newhart additional time to respond if you served him there.

      It’s really unfortunate how much one single individual’s irresponsibility (with the probable collusion of at least one other) can impact so many lives. I’m really sorry that your son has to have braces post high school.

      I’m happy to help if there are any details you need assistance with. Best of luck with your filing!


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