Reyna’s Story

I am happy to meet some of you and hear your stories. I really felt like I was alone. I’m a single mother. My kids, Anthony (15) and Destiny, (12) were in need of braces. I heard through a friend he was offering a deal because he just opened his office. When I got there he was very friendly and nice (this changed some time after he had my money). He did a horrible job on my son’s braces leaving huge gaps. He blamed my son for not wearing his rubber bands regularly, but when I took him to another Orthodontist to get his teeth cleaned that was one thing he used to ask for them to get deep cleanings and want to charge $400. But the other office I found to do it much cheaper told me my kids don’t need the deep cleanings, just regular cleaning. He made every excuse in the book about why he took off my daughter’s braces; first he said he was waiting to get all her adult teeth, then it was teeth cleaning thing, then he would schedule appointments like three months apart. When I went to take my daughter to put hers back on I discovered the office was closed. Nobody called … Emailed .. Nothing.  Come to find out a friend of my daughters had told her that he took off with her money as well. I gave him $4,000 put it on my debit card because he said he would give me another discount for paying up front. We all know why now. I’m looking into trying to recover my money.

Oh I forgot to mention that when I went to the other Orthodontics office, they told me those huge gaps should not be there, and no way even if he remembered to wear his rubber bands faithfully would have closed them. I also heard he’s not an Orthodontist. Just a regular dentist who lies.


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