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I’ve talked to some people who have gotten medical records from Dr. Newhart. What people have told me is that they’ve typically not been useful, for example, photocopies of x-rays on plain paper. Others have not gotten anything. For example, we haven’t been successful in getting anything from him, despite numerous emails to him and promises from him. The only possibility I can think of other than he’s just plain lying to us is that he sent the records to our old address and they didn’t forward. That said, he’s made no attempt to contact us if he got the records back marked “Undeliverable”.

The investigator from the Dental Board told us he could probably help with obtaining the girls’ medical records – which is another very good reason to file a complaint with the Dental Board.

You should know that a new Orthodontist is probably going to want to take a new set of x-rays, etc. when you resume treatment – whether or not you provide medical records from Dr. Newhart. He will need to do that to document the state your teeth were in when he started seeing you, and to assess what work needs to be done for himself. Ask yourself – do I really want my new Orthodontist relying on Dr. Newhart’s records to make treatment decisions? My guess is, probably not.

I’m curious – what experiences have others out there had in obtaining your medical records?



  1. Our results are identical to yours. Dr. Newhart emailed us and said he would mail us the dental records. Luckily, we did not hold our breath. Our new Orthodontist needed new X-Rays anyways, so it was moot.

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