Update on Our Experience

We got lucky. Or perhaps it would be better to say, we were blessed. We found a really great, credentialed orthodontist for the girls, Dr. Howard Nakamura. (Yes, we checked him out thoroughly!) He’s a true professional and was extremely understanding of our situation. He actually does the orthodontic work himself, rather than “supervising” a bunch of dental assistants in assembly line fashion. We feel much better with the girls going to him. In addition, our credit card company, after numerous letters back and forth, finally agreed to credit our account. In 30 years, it’s the only time I’ve ever taken advantage of that “dispute” clause in the fine print of the credit card agreement. Like I said, we were blessed. We got a do-over and learned a valuable lesson at minimal financial cost.

Soon we will be filing to dismiss our small claims case, because now it’s the credit card company who has the loss from Dr. Newhart. Part of me is sad about that, because I would really have liked to have heard a judge say that Dr. Newhart is in the wrong toward us. I’ll continue to support this website as long as it’s helping people, and with any luck the additional distance from the case will make me more clear-eyed and able to help.


  1. Jeff,

    Damain is my brother and I feel for you and everyone else on here. I am glad to see your CC reimbursed you and yet I agree with what you want to hear. I doubt he will apologize but please accept my apologizes for his behavior.

    Todd Nye

    • Todd,

      Thank you very much. Your apology is kind, much appreciated, and of course, truly unnecessary. No thoughtful person could hold you or your family responsible for your brother’s actions. I have no personal animus toward him, but at the same time I want to help his victims be made whole and help prevent others from falling victim in the future.


  2. Jeff,

    Thank you and you are truly a man of character!! All the other victims should be grateful for you assistance. Unfortunately and somewhat understandably other’s have held us responsible. I don’t blame them, I get bent out of shape when someone steals much less than he did. I will not excuse his behavior, he put himself in this situation. Unfortunately the dental profession also has one of the highest substance abuse rates. When in the right frame of mind Damian is a good DDS and a fair person. On the other hand you and other’s have seen the results of the abuse. Damian is progressing and sounds 1000 times better than when I spoke with him last. I hope at some point he makes all his victims home. Good luck and take care.


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