Damian Newhart Sentenced to 5 Years for Bank Robbery

According to an article in the OC Register, Damian Newhart was sentenced to five years in federal prison for stealing a total of more than $21,000 from seven banks. He was also ordered to serve three years of supervised release after his prison term and pay restitution. He is presently serving his time at the US Penitentiary in Beaumont, TX as inmate #68683-112. He is scheduled for release on August 6, 2019.

Damian Newhart Pleads Guilty to Bank Robbery

In a plea arrangement, Damian Newhart pleaded guilty to three counts of bank robbery on Tuesday, March 10. He faces up to 60 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for the bank robberies. He is scheduled for sentencing June 1. See the full Orange County Register article.

Damian Newhart Arrested for Bank Robbery

Former Laguna Niguel dentist Damian Newhart was arrested Thursday, January 29th on suspicion of 7 bank robberies in the local area. At the time of his arrest, he was on 5 years probation after serving jail time for his prior felony conviction. His probation for that offense was revoked on Friday, January 30.

News coverage can be found (in order of appearance) in the Orange County Register, the Daily Pilot, the OC Weekly, a followup in the Orange County Register, and the Los Angeles Times. The Times article also contains a link to the KTLA-TV news story that first ran on February 3.

Damien Newhart - The Rolled Sleeves Bandit

Dr. Newhart Slapped on Wrist for Felony

On July 18, 2014, a sentencing hearing was held for Dr. Damian Newhart. In exchange for his guilty plea to one count of Forging or Altering Prescriptions, he was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 5 years probation. This light sentence was handed down despite 44 other counts of the same violation, all of which were dismissed, and his track record of civil violations as measured by the large number of judgments against him. Also despite the fact that at the time of the violations, he was on probation for a Grand Theft conviction.

Clearly, little more than a slap on the wrist to the man who brought so much misery into so many lives. It’s a shame that the community impact of the drug habit which brought him into this courtroom was not recognized during his sentencing.

Dr. Newhart’s Dental License Revoked

Dr. Newhart’s license to practice dentistry was REVOKED by the Dental Board, effective July 6, 2014. Full details are here.

Dr. Newhart Pleads Guilt to Felony

On March 24, 2014, Dr. Newhart was arraigned on 45 counts of felony forging or altering prescriptions, and pled guilty to one of them. The Orange County Superior Court case number is 13CF3828. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 18, 2014. At that same time, a hearing on revocation or reset of his probation from his prior Grand Theft conviction will also be held.

Dr. Newhart’s License Suspended

As part of a release agreement associated with Dr. Newhart’s felony arraignment, he agreed to turn over his dentistry license and is prohibited from engaging in any activity requiring licensure as a Dentist. The agreement can be found here.

Why Did I Create This Site?

When Dr. Damian Newhart abruptly closed his office in Laguna Niguel, California, on January 22, 2013, he abandoned his patients and took their money. In our case, that was $6,525 paid to him up front for orthodontia for our two girls. This site is dedicated to assisting those who were victimized by Dr. Newhart obtain justice and just compensation.

Many of us started communicating with each other by posting our experiences on the Damian Newhart, DDS business page on Yelp. It seems that they were quickly filtered and hidden from public view, so I wanted to create a forum where information could be freely exchanged.

What’s on here?

This site offers you a chance to share your story with others – you are welcome and encouraged to register and write up your experiences on the “Our Stories” page.

In addition, there’s supplemental information about criminal prosecutions, Dental Board investigations, and other civil and small claims litigation in which Dr. Newhart is a defendant.

Finally, there’s How To information to assist you in filing your own Small Claims case.

Best of luck to all of you. I hope this site can in some small way help you to get back what is rightfully yours.

Best regards,



  1. While I have not been by here, this appears to be Newhart’s new business. I will update you once I stop by.

    Dr. Damian L Newhart
    Newhart Smiles
    12791 Newport Ave Ste 208
    Ste 206
    Tustin, CA 92780

    • Hello:
      Mr. Newhart treated both of my daughters. I paid him 4,500 for my 14 yr old, and 5,200, for my second daughter, which was only in phase ONE with a retainer. I am in disbelief that this man would be such a liar and a COWARD to not step up and do the right thing by his patients. Which happen to mostly be children. We essentially paid him $5,200 for a retainer with the promise that within the year, he would put braces on her. I paid him for a COMPLETE ORTHO treatment, and all I got was a retainer. I HAVE TEXTED this man demanding he call me back and explain what is happening and when will he return my money for the services not provided. He NEVER responded.
      I would like everyone to also know that I found out that he is working with his father at their Inglewood office. His father is doing Orthodontia and he is the practicing General Dentist.
      The address is 3516 W. Imperial HWY, Inglewood, CA 90303 their number is 310-330-3686. This is such a horrible situation for us all. If I come up with more information I will be sure to post.
      Thank you so much for creating this site. I dearly appreciate it!

      • Thanks for the information, Suzette. The address you provided is the same one at which we served Dr. Newhart. His former office manager, Samantha Belhuemer, is working there and accepted service. I hope the information here helps you get your money back. Please let me know if there’s any way I can help.

        • yes he is at 3516 e imperial hwy inglewood ca 90303 #310- 677-9101 , he and his office manager samantha are also scaming the poor elderly patients overcharging there hmo co payments. they are just in for the money and do not care about them .

    • Everyone should e mail Damian’s dad for answers at Newhart Orthodontics in Beverly Hills. We need answers. He should be pressured to shed some light into why his son robbed so many people in Orange County. What a thief. I emailed him on the contact us area for new patients asking for answers! Damian Newhart is a scam artist! Shame on him and hopefully justice will be served!

  2. At this point I would just like to be able to acquire X-rays and records from Newhart. Has anyone been successful doing this?
    I paid for regular braces for my son and invisilign for myself in full in cash in exchange for discount at the beginning of treatment. I would like to but I don’t expect to be able to recover my loss. If anyone knows which avenue to pursue our criminal professional D. Newhart please advise. Thank you.

    • Colleen, I’m going to write a new post on the topic of medical records. Check back in an hour or so and it should be up.

      As far as getting your money back, you should be able to file a small claims case at very little cost to you. It may take a while to get your money, but it will be accruing interest at 10% a year, which is pretty darn good these days. Take a look at the Small Claims HowTo and see if it makes sense. I’d be happy to try to answer any questions you have.

    • Colleen,
      I texted Newhart on his cell phone, which is 949-xxx-xxxx, demanding that he forward both of my daughters records. After constant asking, he faxed them to me. That was the only way I was able to get them. I asked him about money owed to me. He said his attorney was handling that. Which I believe is a complete lie. I told him to give me her phone number so that I may speak with her about my situation with him. He wouldNOT give me the attorneys information. I hope this helps. 🙂
      Best Wishes

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for creating this website. I am trying to get an address for Dr. Newhart in order to file a small claims case. I followed the procedure for obtaining the address, but the post office did not provide me with an address. I asked for “Address Correction Requested – do not forward”, but the post office sent it back to me with a sticker “Attempted not known – Unable to forward”.

    I will wait to see if someone can confirm this address.

    Thank you,

    • Cindy, there are two legitimate addresses for Dr. Newhart shown on the Small Claims HowTo page. I would use the PO box (in Newport Beach). When you get to that point, you can do Substituted Service by having your process server go to the UPS Store on Bayside where the PO box is. They are required to accept your service since it’s a private PO box.

  4. I am happy to meet some of you and hear your stories . I really felt like I was alone . I’m a single mother . My kids Anthony 15 and Destiny 12 were in need of braces . I heard though a friend he was offering a deal because he just opened his office . When I got there he was very friendly and nice ( this changed some time after he had my money . He did a horrible job on my sons braces leaving huge gaps . He blamed my son for not wearing his rubber bands regularly ,but when I took him to another Orthodontist to get his teeth cleaned that was one thing he used to ask for them to get deep cleanings and want to charge $400 . But the other office I found to do it much cheaper told mr my kids don’t need the deep cleanings , just regular cleaning., He made every excuse in the book about why he took off my daughters braces .,first he said he was waiting to get all her adult teeth , then it was teeth cleaning thing ,,then he would schedule appts like three months apart .When I went to take my daughter to put hers back on I discovered the office was closed . Nobody called … Emailed .. Noting . Come to find out a friend of my daughters had told her that he took off with her money as well . I have him &4,000 put it on my debit card because he said he would give me another discount for paying up front . We all know why now . I’m looking into trying to recover my money.

  5. Oh I forgot to mention that when I went to the other Orthodontics office , they told me those huge gaps should not be there , and no way even if he remembered to wear his rubber bands faithfully would have closed them . I also heard he’s not an Orthodontist. Just a regular dentist who lies .

  6. Hi Jeff
    Thanks for this very informative website. I have a lot more information that I can give you regarding this man. I’m not quite sure where to begin.
    1) I wouldn’t trust 1 word of Todd Nyes posts. He is on the payroll of Newhart Orthodontics as well as his wife Kris. For that matter so is Damian L. Newhart.
    2) My son was a patient of Dr. Damian Newhart before he was evicted from his Laguna Niguel office I had already found a new orthodontist for my son. I took him to multiple licensed orthodontists & was told the same thing at each office. Dr. Damian Newhart had treated my child incorrectly & my son will pay the consequences of the treatment Damian Newhart provided for the rest of his life. I was told by each & every doctor that I had a complete malpractice suit against Damian Newhart. I really couldn’t focus on a malpractice suit at that moment I needed to focus on getting my child fixed first. On Friday I was on the phone with an attorney that specializes in dental. He recommended that I proceed with a malpractice case against Damian Newhart & also asked me if I knew of other patients that would want to join in a lawsuit. I guess there’s a possibility of a law suit against the dental board of California as well. There’s a lot more information but I feel uncomfortable posting it in a forum where Todd Nye or Damian Newhart can see.

  7. I haven’t had the opportunity to read all of the postings but it would appear as though the “good” doctor has relocated his malpractice to the Los Angeles/Inglewood area. He and his office manager, Samantha, have misrepresented their network status, resulting in my having to pay for work he DID NOT do! In addition, he left me with infection in the location he “corrected”. What can be gone? Please advise!!!!

  8. So basically, I am 15 and was a patient of Dr. Newhart. I was halfway through treatment when this happened and had already paid in full for my invisalign. I have attachments on my teeth that he put on to “correct my bite”. And now, many months after the incident, my teeth have almost reverted back to their original state. I have gone to many different orthodontists and given crazy prices up to 10,000 for treatment, (which is absolutely ridiculous because my teeth aren’t bad at all; I just need to get the attachments removed and maybe 3 more months of braces), which I, and my parents, are unwilling to pay on top of the 5,000 we’d already paid Mr. Newhart. I really don’t know what I should do! I know quite some time has elapsed since this first broke out, but I was just confused and had no idea what to do! If anybody has advice or an orthodontic referral, please let me know. I have thought about going up to his parents office, where he’s rumored to be working now, and confront him, but I don’t know for sure that he will be there.

  9. Oh and does anybody know his email address?

    I know emailing him is completely futile, especially at this point, when he has all but vanished off the face of this earth.

    My mom wants me to email him… Therefore, I must 🙁

  10. Hi There:
    I too am trying to get my sons records. I have sent a text to his cell as suggested above.
    Please keep me in the loop.
    My son is off to college and needs to complete his treatment including the need for a new implant.
    Thanks for sharing your stories.
    I too am a single mom and felt quite alone until I found this site as I was searching for a new orthodontist.
    Any recommendations are appreciated.

  11. Hi everyone,

    I was emailing dr. newhart for four months or more since he closed down his office. I have him on email telling me he would pay for my treatment and my brothers, as soon as I mentioned okay how will we go about you paying since I still have my braces on he stopped all contact. Was I surprised?NOPE!! so now im in the process of taking him to small claims court.
    If anyone has taken him to court i would love some tips, pointers, suggestions,anything (:
    I have never taken anyone to court before but I believe we all have a strong case against Dr. Newhart.
    thanks for reading and the support.


  12. I can’t believe I came across this. This guy ripped me off years ago, he stuck me in some retainers before finishing my treatment. To this day, one of my teeth is still not straight because of this. What can I do?

  13. I am so glad found this site! While our situation is different than most, we have also been victimized. What’s really sad is that my husband was a business colleague of Dr. Newhart. Being that my husband worked with him and based on some recommendations we felt like going with him was a good choice. He gave us what was supposed to be a great deal and said he would work with us. Well over two years later and three patient’s cheated we are in amazement such as the rest of you. We didn’t want to believe what was happening but now we know.

    One daughter had supposedly completed treatment and was in retainers. The other daughter was in treatment and abandoned and I was also in treatment with Invisalign and also abandoned. In our case, we had made payments while our first daughter was in treatment as there was a portion that the insurance did not pick up. With our second daughter we had dual orthodontic coverage of which he absorbed all of the benefit. Same with me for my Invisalign.

    Upon looking for a new orthodontist we were saddened to find our that Dr. Damian Newhart is not even an orthodontist, he is a general dentist and all of the work he did on our girls was no good. Both girls had to start treatment all over again and guess what??? We have no orthodontic coverage now because he has used it. My Invisalign trays are who knows where and who knows if I will even be able to complete treatment elsewhere.

    I don’t know where to even start or what can be done to help us but I would appreciate any help or direction any of you can offer to us. I am going to start with filing a complaint with my insurance companies.

    Hopefully justice will prevail. Thanks for creating this site and for any advice.


  14. I know Damian very well and am utterly sickened by his choices and behavior. I am or was a good family friend of his until he ‘ lost it” At one point I thought he was actually a really nice guy. He had the most beautiful wife and children and absolutely destroyed their family. He still does not even pay his appointed child support and there is no amount of low you hit when you deprive your own children. I am so proud of whoever wrote this site because people like Damian should not get away with this. Its embarrassing that I ever knew him and feel so sorry for all of the people who he has cheated and deceived. There is something called Karma in this life and he will get his.


  16. We are also in this horrific mess with Dr Damian Newhart. My daughter was his patient for 2 years and was just about done (or so we thought!!) and we had we prepaid $3800!!! But, if fact after seeing another orthodontist she in fact has another year to go because his “treatment” was substandard at best!! This is devastating for a 16 year old who will now have to wear braces throughout her entire high school years! Not to mention we have to pay another orthodontist to complete her treatment!! If there is going to be a class action lawsuit against him we would like to be included please.

  17. Wow, I am so shocked to see this. Dr. Damien Newhart did my braces and my nieces braces and I’m searching for him to do my daughters and found this. I had a wonderful experience with him, my teeth are beautiful and he did a lot of work other orthodontist tried to avoid simply because it was time consuming.

    I’m sad to here this is how things ended in Laguna. He is really a great orthodontist. I’m so confused at why he would do anything like this and I’m sure it’s way more to the story. My teeth are gorgeous and so are my nieces. I get compliments all of the time on my teeth. I have permanent retainers and no problems.

  18. For the record. I will be going back to him, I don’t care what these so called experiences are. I don’t believe he really scammed anyone. I seen him for 4 years, my niece another 3. I forgot to add my friend and my sister, in addition to the person who recommended me. He has proven to be a good orthodontist to us. So I refuse to believe these comments. I can’t wait to find out his side of the story. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation for him closing that office.

    • Danielle, your loyalty becomes you. But before you give him any of your money, please do the research on his criminal history for grand theft and the multitude of recent civil and small claims judgments against him. Good luck to you

  19. have any of you all stop to think that maybe something happen and he couldn’t follow through. Yes he owes you money and better pay it and I’m sure he would pay it if he had it. But if it helps I finished my treatment and was still making payments. the last couple of times I tried to pay off my balance, they took the checks but never cashed them. They also never called me for the remainder of the bill. Every time I called him to try and pay it off he would say he would have someone call back to take the payment and they never called. I owed him money my treatment was complete and he did not take the money I owed him, which I could not understand at the time. So it’s a possibility calling it a scam maybe exaggerated. It sounds More like financial problems and he bailed out or maybe he had no choice. Who knows. But he did my braces long before I paid him and finished with a remaining balance that he never attempted to collect and avoided letting me pay it off. So I would have to say whatever happen dies not sound intentional.

  20. I just really think something happen to make him abandon his customers like this and I don’t think it was intentional based on my own personal experiences. I hate to kick a dog when there down. I just think something happen out of his control. And hope that it puts you at ease to know he has been refusing payments from patients that owes him. I just did not know why or that he had all this going on. So I guess I can stop worrying about my remaining balance. But I hope he’s okay and will be able to give y’all back the money he owes, I really hope that is his intentions.

    But what’s weird is all of us made monthly payments never had to pay up front. He probably spent the money and couldn’t pay y’all back. That’s horrible. I hope you all get it back and he gets his life back on track.

    • Danielle,
      Let’s just start with the fact Damian Newhart is NOT an orthodontist. Only his step father, Scott Newhart is an actual orthodontist. They should be father & son as they are both equally as shady as each other. The 1 main difference is that Scott Newhart isn’t a felon. Damian Newhart is, in fact he is being arraigned on 2/5/14 for 45 felonies of writing illegal prescriptions. Hopefully, he will be put in jail where he belongs long before you let him ruin your daughters teeth like he did my sons. Good luck.

        • I used to work for Scott Newhart while Dr. D (Damien) was employed there. And I can tell you from first hand experience that you don’t want to go to Scott. Its all a facade. The smiles and the chit chat. The guy is a dirt bag. Ive witnessed some pretty bad things while in that office. Unsanitary, Abusive and down right just douchey behavior from Scott. I know Damien fell on some hard times due to some things Ive heard but prior to that he was a stand up guy. I literally saw him pull out $800 once to pay off a patients bill because the single mother couldn’t pay any longer. He tried signing off on it to waive it but Scott wouldn’t allow it so Damien paid it out of pocket on the spot. Everyone goes thru a rough patch, and I assume Damien is in his.

  21. I am also interested in finding out more about joining a lawsuit. I was an adult patient in Los Angeles a few years before he moved his practice to the OC. I would prefer not to go into detail here, but would be happy to share my story with you if you contact me. Thanks.

  22. Hello,

    I want to thank Jeff for starting this site for all of us impacted by his malpractice. After not being able to reach the contact number at Laguna Niguel office, I called the office in Newport Beach, but they were unable to provide me any information. I paid in full up front for the uncompleted service. I am also willing to share my information in person.


  23. The apple does not fall far from the tree! The Damian Newhart scam began years ago in Los Angeles with his step dad Scott Newhart DDS the orthodontist. Scott Newhart DDS, orthodontist, married Damian’s mother. The scam was that Damian would change his last name to Newhart and Scott Newhart DDS and his new wife would portray Damian Newhart DDS out to patients as an orthodontist. It is illegal for a general dentist to portray himself as an orthodontic specialist. This was fraud committed by both Damian Newhart DDS and Scott Newhart DDS. By portraying Damian as an orthodontist to patients, patients thought they were being treated by a real orthodontist (a specialist). Damian Newhart DDS is only a general dentist. Insurance companies listed Scott Newhart DDS to members in their 4 or 5 offices in a west LA, and when patients arrived they were treated by Damian Newhart DDS the general dentist. That is why Damian changed his last name to Newhart. Scott Newhart DDS, the real orthodontist, committed fraud for a decade or more in Los Angeles. Damian’s mom (who works with Scott) was also part of the scam. The speculation was that Damian left LA because of a fallout with Scott Newhart DDS over the poor quality of work Damian was doing. Another theory was that insurance companies got wind of the scam and Scott Newhart DDS told him to leave before the house of cards fell.

  24. Damian Newhart is still practicing dentistry with a suspended license at 3516 West Imperial Highway Inglewood, CA 90303.

    The California Dental Board license verification website as of March 26, 2014 has made public the documentation for an accusation filed against Damian Newhart. http://www.dbc.ca.gov/public/dds47763_20140326_accu.pdf

    The document lists 5 causes for discipline.
    1) Criminal Conviction
    2) Unprofessional Conduct: Failure to Report Felony Charges & Misdemeanoer Convictions
    3) Unprofessional Conduct: Fraud in Procuring / Renewing a Dental License
    4) Unprofessional Conduct: Violation of Laws Goerning Controlled Substances
    The prescriptions Respondent (Damian Newhart) wrote are detailed in the charts below, and Respondent admitted when interviewed by the Board’s Investigator on July 25, 2012, that he had prescribed Viagra to himself, that the Tussionex he prescribed for his daughter ChN was actually for his own use, that the Diazepam he prescribed for others was for himself, and that he prescribed Vicodin to himself, which turned into an addiction. Additionally, surveillance videotapes from three of the pharmacies (as bolded below) show Respondent entering those pharmacies on May 21, 2012, and June 121, and 17, 2012, to retrieve prescriptions for controlled substances which he had written for non-patients but used himself.”

  25. I would like to know if anyone that successfully received a judgment against him has actually been able to recover any money. I have my paperwork ready to file my own small claims suit, but want to know if I would just be wasting the $55.50 filing fee plus the cost to have him served…

    Thanks, Jeff, for putting together this website!

  26. I was also wondering if it’s been brought to anyone’s attention that Dr. Newhart was giving to his patients fake (!) Invisalign retainers. Has he been prosecuted for this as well?

  27. Has anyone ever received any money from him? I too was one of the many patients he deceived, but I am not sure any of this will help. Thanks Jeff. Many people are complaining that he is still practicing without his license. Does anyone know if he is still in Inglewood. He has a very bad reputation in orange county and I am surprised he shows his face. I heard he does not pay child support to top it off. There seems to be no remorse or accountability here. Is he going to be on probation or serve time? It would be nice to see some justice.

  28. Apparently his court hearing was today?

    I would be interested to know if anyone has been granted a reimbursement of any amount. I paid over $4300 for my invisalign and he disappeared mid-treatment. I’ve been told by several LEGITIMATE orthodontists that it will be another $4200-4500 to redo the invisalign, as I would still be a new case.

    I have filled out the consumer complaint form and I have the financial transaction records on hand and ready to send in. I have never communicated with Dr. Newhart personally or anyone affiliated with Newhart Orthodontics via email, so I do not have those records. Additionally, I did not receive the email that supposedly went out to all of his patients.

    If anyone has been successful in receiving reimbursement or knows of another supplement I have yet to include in my complaint, please let me know as soon as possible!

    Thank you so much,


    This website has been invaluable, thank you, Jeff, for creating it!

  29. My daughter had braces from Damien Newhart from August, 2009 through March, 2011. Then she was on retainers and we scheduled visits every 6 months or so. In the Fall of 2012 she had 2 teeth that were shifting in the front and turning sideways. Newhart put a permanent wire retainer in. Immediately after that he was not in his office, then he sent the emails and closed.

    I thought we were done, but it turns out that when we went to an authentic orthodontist 2 weeks ago in August, 2014, it was revealed that my daughter has a very serious and complicated “Open Bite” which will require 2 years of specialized treatment, braces for 2 years (again) and the extraction of four permanent teeth. The open bite is the direct result of Newhart using the wrong wire for the permanent retainer. The treatment to correct the damage Damien Newhart has done to my daughter will cost about $8,000.00. Besides that, I paid Newhart close to $3,000.00 during my daughter’s time in his office.

    I’m more upset about the pain and suffering he has caused my daughter than the money. Those of you who were victims of his money scam where he had you pay up front and then provided no treatment, I am sorry for your loss of funds, but I’m glad he did not treat you or your children and cause further damage.

    I was happy to read here that they have revoked his license and I really do feel he should serve time in prison for what he has done to innocent children and adults. I’m not sure what to do next. Is it too late or useless to file any of the reports discussed in this website? Thank you for setting up this website and thank you for your help.


  30. My story is a long one! In short, I had the unfortunate experience of running into this “doctor” at the office on Imperial. Because I’d been a patient at this office since I had teeth, I’d no idea that the office had been taken over by this CROOK and his CROOK of an office manager, Samantha. I went in for an extraction and root canal (a root canal that I’d later learned from another dentist that had been done improperly) and consultation for a possible implant. Once I learned of their OUTRAGEOUS prices, I was no longer interested and informed them that I would go elsewhere. Samantha then proceeded to charge my insurance company for work I did not have done! The insurance company forced them to reverse the charges. When that occurred, she [Samantha] then called to tell me that I would be charged because they placed an order for work they THOUGHT I would have completed there! When I spoke to her about the legal ramifications of falsifying documents and/or wrongfully charging my insurance company, she attempted to belittle me and challenge me to proceed with complaints to the ADA, saying that nothing would come of it. When I attempted to call to speak with her, she’d conveniently “disappeared”, leaving me with a bill for things that I’d never consented to have completed there. I’m to understand that one cannot sue a dentist for malpractice, which is why I believe they are attempting to get away with these things. What can do???

    • I’m so sorry this happened to you. If any of this occurred after December 11, 2013, Dr. Newhart was practicing dentistry without a license, because his license was suspended effective that date, and later revoked after his felony conviction.

      If so, please report this to the parole office as well as the Dental Board. His parole officer probably has more ability to immediately intervene than anyone else.

      Good luck to you,

    • You can contact the Southern California Dental Board Investigator and give him your information. His number is
      714-923-9725. He is investigating this case and your information would be helpful to him.

  31. Is it true that Dr. Newhart is still practicing dentistry without a license. Anybody knows for sure where is his new office located at? We were scammed by him, he charged me $10,000 of unfinished treatment for my 2 boys.

  32. He is for sure practicing again at the inglewood office, just called the number and a receptionist answered and said “Dr Newhart Dental, may I help you?”

    3516 e imperial hwy inglewood ca 90303 #310- 677-9101

    • It wasn’t lavish…to all his neighbors he seemed like a regular guy…went to work every day, kids on the weekend…lived a double life. Even just started driving a Prius to save money on gas. Shocking…

      • @Diana Lugo:

        Out of curiousity did he live with his family before going to jail for the bank robberies? I keep hearing he was divorced and not paying child support. It strikes me that folks pursuing the legal angle to recover stolen money could continue to pursue it if he has real estate and other assets.

        • He was divorced. I don’t believe there are assets. He rented the house. Seemed like a very loving father. Very confusing to me. He was always nice.. He didn’t even steal enough to but a midpriced car. Maybe not a good robber, I guess. Tragic for all involved.

  33. He and his horrible office manager, Samantha, attempted to make my life hell! Shortly after my ordeal an refusal to pay for their falsifying information and misrepresentation, they attempted to sue me! I received two letters from a lawfirm on the matter and I refuse to acknowledge them.

  34. HI ALL,

    You do realize this charlatan was a DENTIST NOT an
    ORTHODONTIST, there’s a BIG difference between the two

    DO Your research before getting treatment, make sure
    It’s a licensed orthodontic specialist

  35. I’m a bit disappointed that his bail was set at $50,000 though. Considering how his dad is also a dentist with multiple offices, I don’t think it’ll be hard for the crook to post bail. He’s already a danger to society with 7 bank robberies. His bail should be set a lot higher.

  36. Years ago I dealt with the Santa Monica office with his stepdad. He moved my teeth too fast which resulted in a root fracture-ending up losing my tooth Damian was a tech at that time. His mother ran the money part of the office walking around in her hooker heels. I worked at an office that referred people to ortho offices to thousands of employees. I would listen to people complain about them and my goal was to remove him from our preferred list. It took a bit of time, but it finally worked-one of the best things I ever did.

  37. I am not a lawyer but it sounds like Damien has assets. Just because the guy is in jail, I wouldn’t immediately drop the legal angle.

    When I dealt with him, I thought he was sketchy which was it what you would expect In a busy Santa Monica orthodontist office. One day he was gone, and from then on it was his dad/step dad, who was an arrogant jerk but didn’t wreck anyone’s teeth.

    A truly bizarre story.

    • The loser is going to jail FORMER PATIENT, as I was a former employee of his father for many years, His patients are already starting to transfer out of his office. Damian is spoon-fed grown manbaby who always needed money. Just imagine this scenario ex-dentist working on your mouth then taking a 2 hour lunch to go rob a bank then come back to work like nothing happened. IT HAPPENED….
      This bankrupt man did NOT want to leave the fancy lifestyle and resorted to robbing banks. The “I HAVE A GUN” written on a piece of paper is just as bad as saying it out loud.

      • I was on staff in the Laguna Niguel office at the end of 2012 and this is what I witnessed. I agree with Pizel, he is absolutely a spoon-fed grown man baby who was overindulged his entire life. He was always robbing Peter to pay Paul, never had any money although he made huge withdrawals out of the company bank account and lived way beyond his means. Barely payed his bills but continue to collect lots of money from his patients. I finally left the practice when I was told by Damian that he would be permanently closing the office within the week yet within that same week he took $$ from a new patient for braces. He has no assets period. You can track down the forensic accountant that we was ordered to work with during his divorce who were provided this documentation as ordered by the court. He lost his home before 2012, was renting a condo that he owed back rent on and was about to be evicted. When I left his car was about to be repossessed. He was also defaulting on about 1.5 million in equipment leases and loans for the practice. His biological father is David Nye who is an attorney in Santa Barbara. Newhart is his step-dad’s name. The office in Inglewood where he was arrested is affiliated with his step-dad. On the surface Damian is a really nice person, loves his children and they really love him, if you’ve been around them you can clearly see that. Damian has a HUGE drug problem that has gotten in the way of everything in his life. It appears that he has resorted to robbing banks because he has exhausted every other way to maintain his drug habbit and that’s the bottom line…a drug habbit that he is willing to sacrifice his family for…Damian needs serious help. No matter what his reasons for any of this he needs to pay the consequences for all of his behavior. It is unforgivable that he took so much money from so many good families who worked hard to pay for their children’s dental care…it shameful and gross. By the way…Samantha is his girlfriend and knew everything that was going on. I don’t know if she knew about the bank robberies but I wouldn’t be surprised. She knew he was ripping off patients and stood by him 🙁 I would love to see all of these families re-coup the money they have lost but I doubt that will happen. You would have better luck squeezing blood out of a turnip I’m sorry to say.

  38. Jeff- I went to Newhart about 13 years ago. His dad was the Ortho but I would also see Damian certain times. They would do a tag team thing! When I took them off I still had one tooth that wasn’t straight. But I really didn’t say anything. Figured it wasn’t that bad. Should’ve! I had mentioned it to Damion when I went back years later for my daughter. I guess my question is can I get the $$ back from what I spent for my treatment, since he was seeing me with his dad even though he wasn’t an orthodonitist? My daughter still goes there (second time getting braces with them!) so I think I want to wait a couple months until her treatment is over so they don’t do something to jeopardize her treatment. But it’s totally freaking me out just being there! Wondering if they are all shady!! Please let me know if you think I can do anything about it! Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy,

      I’m going to give you my opinion, which is worth every penny you’re paying for it! Seriously, please consider consulting a professional before deciding whether to take action.

      If you feel the work done at Newhart Orthodontics was substandard, regardless of whether Damian was or was not involved in your treatment, you should take it up with them. I’m not sure that Damian’s involvement is relevant to the issue. But the office should certainly stand behind its work.

      I can’t say whether the dad’s practice is good, bad, or indifferent. There does seem to be a lot of indication that he (Damian) was employed in some capacity at the Inglewood office. If so, in what capacity? Did he see patients? Did he handle money or have access to their accounts? While it may be a compassionate thing to do for a family member, you’ve got to question whether hiring Damian, so recently out of drug rehab and just out of jail on a felony rap, was in the best interests of the office’s patients.

  39. I too was treated by Dr.Newhart in his Laguna Niguel office. It started ok and I did have Invisalign aligners, but when it was time for a retainer he just kept telling me Invisalign” had not sent it yet , they were backlogged.” well this went on for 8 months! I wore my last alignersfor all that time. I kept calling, is it in yet? Blah blah. So I went in and demanded to see him face to face. I was nice at first. I told him “I have paid for everything already and I really want my retainers from Invisalign, I really think I have been patient Dr.Newhart” ( He did not know I had called another Orthodontist that did Invisalign and asked them if they were having back order problems, of course they said no) so he lies to my face and says they are still having problems…… Blah blah and that he will make me a retainer in the office. I said “no . I want my Invisalign retainer” I paid for it , and I want it it!” Wow! He starts screaming at me while I am in the chair. ” (Obvious drug user behavior) that I am being rude and impatient….. he tells me he no longer does business with Invisalign . He makes his own retainers now. So I asked him why he was lying to me the whole 8 months? He was steaming mad cause I called him on it. He tells the dental assistant to make me a retainer and leaves. Of course it breaks within 3 days. I go back and he is not there and I tell the dental assistant make me another. He can’t without Dr.Newharts permission. So I tell the office lady I will see her and him in small claims court. Three weeks later I get the letter you all got that he was moving to L.A. I never went back, 2 years later I found a great Invisalign Ortho in Irvine and I am in the middle of treatment now. I would really like to know more if anyone actually collected any money from this jerk. I didn’t go to small claims court and I should have. Now I probably can’t even get my records from him, it has been so long.

  40. I read this site in Jan 2014 and was completely surprised. I was a patient from 2001 and 2003 in the Santa Monica office at 310 Arizona and also went to the Bev Hills office on Camden for check ups. I thought he did a good/not great job on my teeth. When I looked him up last year, I was actually planning to go back to him to get an updated retainer. I never noticed anything sketchy or off about him, but then again that was a long time ago.

    If it makes any difference, Newhart also referred me to a dentist in Santa Monica that was Gen dentist for 10 years but I got tired of his constant upsell and office disorganization. They also have the rudest front desk manager (a blonde woman with a snotty russian-sounding accent) who really made visiting the office a drag. Goign to the dentist is not a fun experience if you have recedeing gums like mine, and having an unfriendly staff just made it worse.

    Anyway, Im not sure what happened with him – sounds like a drug addiction killed an otherwise promising career, but lately I have noticed an overall decline in conduct and ethics from professional people, dentists, accountants, lawyers, therapists, they’ve all lost my confidence. Occupation is never an indication of character, as is the case with him.

    Thanks to everybody that posts here, news articles dont offer enough information and its great to hear from people who have/know more. I was not hurt or robbed by this guy, but those of you who were – just remember that anything you can’t solve through complaint/confrontation or legal means, leave it to Karma, its more powerful than you could be anyway.

  41. HI GUYS ,

    Just to mention again because I keep hearing Orthodontics. Newhart was a GENERAL DENTIST not a specialist orthodontist!!!!!!!!
    There is a big difference , and the reason many people have had poor outcomes , I cant believe how many patients he sucked into orthodontic treatment. WOW!

      • I just wonder if being ordered to pay restitution as a condition of his release from prison would make it easier to enforce any civil judgments against him as well (especially if there was some sort of class action). But I agree that given all the money he owes (well beyond just the patients he ripped off) means it’s all pretty unlikely.

  42. Perhaps all you judgy people should feel sorry for a man with great potential who suffers from a serious addiction. I’ve been in a very similar situation, and addiction is a devastating disorder that no one recognizes as a serious issue. Open your eyes and hearts, and try some forgiveness. Like you all don’t have some smut in your collective pasts… I’m just sayin’…

  43. not jugdy ,
    you have got to be kidding me , hes been a liar well before he stole from banks, pretending to be an Orthodontist when he was just a dentist, treating patients that he had no formal training in, ie braces /invisalign etc etc, ripping hard working people off to make more money plan and simple!!
    The guy is pond scum and should have gotten alot more than 5 years, as a specialist Orthodontist I can only hope he NEVER gets his registration back as a general dentist so he does not harm the public anymore.

  44. Obviously, you’ve never suffered from addiction. It is a horrible affliction, and it does not just appear. It’s a lot like cancer, it grows, spreads and can destroy lives. Dr. Newhart is an addict, and perhaps you should be More compassionate toward some who has a serious disease. Would you be this mad at someone with cancer or hiv???I think not.

  45. Obviously I am not an addict
    Obviously he was
    Obviously you were
    But get real here he was a dishonest person long before the
    Good oil got him .
    Don’t bring Cancer and HIV patients into this, they don’t go around lying to
    Patients and robbing banks, your logic there is flawed.
    5 years behind bars will hopefully detox him too, and remind him of the
    100s of people who’s life was made worse by meeting him

  46. I’m not going to go on a addiction/recovery diatribe here, but all I will say is dishonesty is one of the hallmarks of addiction. I’m not condoning what Newhart did. His actions, even those I see chronicled here from before the bank robberies, were wrong. No doubt in my mind. He made some huge mistakes. He did, according to the stories here, cause harm to people. I’m certain that if he works his recovery in a real and meaningful way, he will make his amends. That certainly doesn’t make things better now. The pain is real now, and I get that. But my initial point was that regardless of the harm he caused, look at the totality of the circumstances and do not look at the situation in artificial isolation — and have some compassion for Newhart. That’s its, that’s all.


  48. Yes, you all should file a class action lawsuit. That would be brilliant. Remember, though, you cannot get blood from a turnip. This man was robbing banks to pay for his drug habit BECAUSE HE WAS BROKE. I’m just sayin’…

  49. Damian has been moved. His new address is:

    DAMIAN NEWHART 68683-112
    P O BOX 800
    HERLONG, CA 96113


  50. Damian is still serving his time and his girlfriend ( Samantha Belhumeur)who helped him throughout all of this patiently waiting for him. News on the street is he has been offerered some sort of a book deal -as if the same story has not been heard before. He is a drug addict who screwed over many people and ultimately himself. I feel so incredibly sorry for his children who have been left with nothing and essentially no father. I pray his book sells so he may give back to all of the people he wronged. Although, I believe it only will be another way for him to inflate his delusional self image and continue with his sociopathic ways.


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